Sunday, July 11, 2010

so how did it come to be?

this is my second quilt. (my first, as mentioned in an earlier post, was created at Spool in a great sewing class, more some other time...) i knew i wanted to do something big, but i needed an idea. i must admit, i am not great at patterns. i am definitely a more visual person than instructional type. still, i knew i needed some sort of basic plan to follow. i searched around and found a great heather bailey design, the freshcut quilt...

i used that basic style, but changed the fabric to a mix of anna maria horner's garden party with a bit of amy butler's love and a dash of kaffe fassett.

the back is all anna, with some drawing room thrown in. i like to make all my quilts have a distinct front and back. even if the back is not nearly as intense, i want it to have its own design element. here i simply did some a large block bordered with a couple different patterns. this way if i'm feelin' a bit, oh, classic, i can flip it over for a simpler look.

do the math? 5 blocks took 2 hours. 56 blocks means 22 plus hours. plus basting, plus quilting, plus binding...ok so it was a lot. but it's done, and i have moved on to so many others...

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  1. I can't believe this was only your second quilt... so inspiring!