Tuesday, April 5, 2011

you better run...

so the london runner is complete! yay! check it out!

do you love it? i love it. it started out with my homage to solids. the original london style was a quilt, done in two color palettes, sea and sun...

it's kind of a departure for me, since i am the queen of more is more. solids don't usually fall into that category, but how about over 300 individual blocks on the quilt size!?! but don't be deterred, there is no triumph without work, and it works baby.

i came up with the runner idea when i was in the process of making the sunset palette. i had attached maybe 5 or 6 rows, and it was dangling over the edges of a desk as i applied each new layer. at about 20 inches into the length i thought, how cute as a runner, and ta dah! the spring day palette was born!

it's a light cream, sunshine yellow, minty green and ocean and aqua. very sweet. i, for one, cannot live without these colors in my life. constantly. aqua and mint? oh baby.

this palette would also be beautiful for a baby boy's room, and you can use the runner for so many things... your table, of course, but what about as a wall hanging behind the crib in a baby's room, or as a cover for your craft table? there are so many possibilities!

the london runner is to be my second pattern in the collection that will be out on etsy later this month! i have it set for two options, both as a runner at 20x68 and as a throw size quilt at 60x68. i think it's a great pattern for even a beginner, the instructions are simple, and the design is classic. i love it.

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