Tuesday, October 26, 2010

cloudy 50's country kitchen quilt

say that five times fast. whew. it's done! and i must say, i love it!

it's a basic log cabin design, which can at times, seem like a lot of sewing, but oh so rewarding. i've shown the color palette before, which is kind of a redy/turquoisy/blackey/whitey palette, yeah, who doesn't love adding y's... the back is an uber cute apple design, dark pink and red, which i think adds to the country kitchen idea.

the above is an example of one block. Each block is 12 inches in the end, with five shades, starting and ending the with same pattern. i wanted to do the entire quilt like this, all 25 squares, but i fell to the voice of reason, aka the man in the house, who said that he would like it a little less, oh, let's say, busy. (moi? busy? oh wait, yes, constantly! woo hoo!)  therefore, the alternate block is just a single bordered block.

it basically comes out like this...

then i created a border by sewing 3 inch blocks together, just to add a bit more color, sorry, just had to, and voila. quilted in red, a basic criss cross quilt, and binded in birds.

i think this will be our personal fall quilt, though of course, it does not go with the decor. but frankly, when it comes to quilts, who cares! add color!!!

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