Sunday, January 23, 2011

london loves

ahhh, london, the city that never sleeps. wait, that's not right. but this is...

the inspiration for this quilt was from a book at spool called city quilts. it's full of modern quilts, done in solids. it talks about color palettes, block design, all that good stuff, so when i was in the solids section of the fabric store, and i had a small epiphany, i can make a solid modern quilt too! (ok, maybe not an epiphany then, but close!)

it is a bit of a side step for me, lover of more is more when it comes to patterns and colors. this is five colors: navy, turquoise, kelly green, gray and white. (mom said no white, but she didn't have my vision, see now mom...)

it's comprised of brick rows and alternating mini rows. i am a big fan of easy cutting, and this was just that with all the mini blocks maintaining the same width with varying lengths. to tie it all together i used a striped kaffe as the binding, incorporating all the shades within.

the next one is going to be in reds, yellows, and oranges. better get to it. oh, and this quilt will have a pattern, and it shall be named the london quilt. (love you cath!)

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  1. I LOVE this! I am really drawn to the colors, the composition, the shapes...I totally want this pattern. It very much reminds me of the shapes the women of Gee's Bend used because they didn't follow traditional patterns and often used solid colors from material they had around their homes: flour sack cloth, denim, old work shirts, etc. I think you're on to something!