Wednesday, December 8, 2010

bohemian baby

ah ha! the second installment in my baby quilt/play mat has been completed! i am v.v. relieved to be done. it took a few days to do the binding, sad, but frankly migraines don't care what you have to do, and after roughing it up at work for 9 hours, frigid weather changes, and good old fashion tiredness, two nights in a row the pain came back, and looking at tiny little threads, well, yeah, not so much... but it's done now, and awesome!
a good pal of mine said that the first installment of this piece made her want a baby girl, like right now. a complement, i believe. so now i want her to want a hippy, bohemian baby. but no sunshine... no moonbeams...

more like jefferson airplane, beads, lava lamps, and a baby in a sweet sweet bandana! yes!!!

i love this color scheme, rich reds, pinks, navys... it's a mix of anna's new shattered design, along with some good old kaffe in tonal plaid and wild florals, and a back of one of kaffe's wovens... a dirty minty green streaked with reds... love.

again, this pattern is really very easy, a take on log cabins, lots of strips, a few angles, and there you go. i should have it done soon... soon.

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  1. Ashley- great blog... I love the quilt!! I am quite inspired....

    Much love