Sunday, July 18, 2010

so i already broke my first blog rule! it's been over a week since i typed a word! ugh. but, i kinda, sorta, maybe, have an excuse or two, like when i went to take some pictures of a very cute baby quilt i did, i found out that the memory card for my camera was still at work! (i did get it back, hence the photos here, though not of a cute baby quilt.)

second, oh i don't know. tiredness? i really have been working all week, ex: this post. i drew up an idea of an english garden quilt, from an overhead view. sidewalks intertwining around wild flowers that mingle freely. when i think of english gardens i think of untamed flowers and wild foliage. what i am doing with this color palette is taking greens and purples in a basic structure of 3 inch squares, but mixing them in no order, with no exact destination. like a wild garden, the flowers have been chosen, but their destinations are their own, twisting and turning.

i am not sure exactly how it will all come out, as there is no specific pattern i am following. only my rough sketch, which is terrible (of all the talents i got from my mother, drawing was not one of them), but i can understand it, and for now, i think that's all that matters.

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