Sunday, October 24, 2010

love that duffy

have to love that duffy song, i think its called "i'm scared." of course, sweet little welsh duffy is talking about love and loss and all that bologna. i am talking about textile arts. practically the same thing...

i had one of those little break downs the other night. i am not original, like, i read some of these blogs, and these people are like crazy on top of everything, and have beautiful fabrics to their credit, or sell a ba-zillion patterns, or oh heck, i dunno, do things awesomely that i don't. blah blah blah. but the truth is, i love colors. they make me happy, as i have said before. and not happy in a lame sunshine and peppermint sort of way, but in a yeah, that is so right on so many levels sort of way. (plus, some of these people, they don't have jobs! snooty to think about, but take what you can get, i always say...)

a friend of mine says that you should just write your ideas down, and you'll have them for later, which, i take to mean, cool your jets, do one thing at a time. bummer. yet true. double bummer. for now i will continue to sew, and notice that each time i finish a piece, it is better than the last... just wait, i finished a quilt tonight! my 50's country kitchen quilt will be up this week, sweet sweet log cabins, and that will have to be it for now.

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  1. Honey, you are a quilting machine and so extremely original that I can't even stand it! Don't go comparing yourself to only makes one feel like crap and creates nothing but negativity! Muah! I hope we get to sip hot beverages together very soon! xoxo