Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ruffle it up!

it's done! it's done!!! my prototype ruffle baby quilt is complete! i love it, yet... well, some have heard me say it is either a flop, or will revolutionize baby quilts. i am still not sure...

i started with a simple idea. ruffles are cute. i mean, come on, they are! especially when they have pink birds, sunbursty swirls, and star shapes incorporated. cute. top that off with a soft flannel backing and how can ruffles go wrong?

ok, well possibly with the fact that there are actually no real ruffles on the Ruffle Baby Quilt. slight hiccup, i know. truth be told, pleats are so much easier, i love their drape, and there is so much more control on a pleat than a ruffle. but the word pleat makes me think of horrible school uniforms and rough, hard edges. ruffles make me think of easy going happiness. hence, ruffle name, pleated look.

these pleats are not ridged of course, after double folding, pressing and stitching one edge i simply double folded and pressed the second and attached the pleat by folding as i went on the machine. no exact counting, each pleat is a bit different. it gives it a more off the cuff, ruffle style.

the hardest bit was figuring out the quilting. but then i asked, why does it have to be traditionally quilted? i mean, though it is a baby quilt, it is on the more decorative side, so it won't have a hard baby life of being dragged and pulled, spit upon, what have you. so i followed a basic old style of quilting, which is that after free hand machine quilting the edges in double rows, i simply did a variation of widths of knot quilting. i grabbed some embroidery floss, did a single stitch and knotted the ends. cute.

(also, why do these pictures look dingy? they look awesome in my photoshop. hmmm.)

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  1. I think this is super cute & a fun way to learn a new technique! I'd love to see it in person! Also, your photos look fine- don't worry!