Sunday, December 19, 2010

it's coming...

and i am not ready. i don't have the time. today is my day off, i worked the last 6, many without lunch breaks and having to run straight home from work for one reason or another, and i have not had a chance to do much shopping. (ok, well, those 2 sweaters i bought myself, they don't count.)

so today is a mad rush to get a sorts of things done. i feel terrible that i haven't made more cookies, or sewn more, or cleaned more, or whatever more! i did, however, get a gift done, so chalk that off the list!

i tried to make some zip pouches today, quilted, of course. i think they came out pretty cool if i say so myself. so it goes like this...

cut strips of fabrics, different widths, same length (mine was 9"). sew together, quilt with batting and back (interior) fabric. (my quilting is mono directional, i simply stitched the width of my sewing foot.) once that was done, i trimmed the quilting clean, stitched on the zipper, then stitched the sides! it's not tailored inside, but i used some fray check to help keep the top clean. i don't think it matters much as they are just cute little pouches for whatever, makeup, jewelery, or a make shift wallet.

i show it today because though i have not given the gift, the recipient doesn't know who they are. so it will still be a surprise... merry christmas!

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