Monday, December 13, 2010

sunday, bloody sunday

yeah, not the most constructive day of my life. i tried to get things done. i managed to pull the old wall hangings down off the wall in the dining/sewing room. only to tear off a bit of drywall paper and find out that i need to give the wall a quick coat of paint. (by taking down the artwork, i got that lovely reminder of ed's smoking... he is quitting in 2 weeks though... he better.)

after that i made two new christmas cookies. kinda failures... first up, the ganache tartlets...

ok, they look alright. but not so hot. they are supposed to have a sprinkle of sea salt on top, but frankly i think they are a bit salty already. and i didn't have the required 3 1/2 inch round cutter, i had to scrape by with a 3 inch, and i question if the difference would have made the tartlets just big enough. i dunno, i am still debating whether to take them to work tomorrow. second up...

a christmas jelly. now i know, one may think, hey they look kinda good, but they are stickier than all get up, worse than clark w. griswold's tree sap! you toss them in sugar, which helps for a second of two, only until the heat melts it down again, and you are back where you started! it took alfie 2 minutes to eat his! (i had made some in cute apple shaped silicon molds, as they are apple/apricot... can't even get them out! i am hoping that by sticking them in the freezer i will be able to salvage the molds... ugh.

finally, while working on said wall project, i was trying to rub sticky tape off the wall, and somehow managed to rub the top layer of skin right off my index finger! how the frig is that possible?!?!

i am typing like a weirdo... little sewing was done. i made a pie chart half circle, i'll explain another time, but i did spend a few hours making my pattern in proper style. it's coming, i just know it!

whew, i'm glad the day is over... better make some full proof brownies to make myself feel better...

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