Sunday, November 28, 2010

sometimes it all comes together...

and sometimes it doesn't. bah. i am not discouraged mind you, but this whole pattern making thingy, well, it's a bit annoying, you know, when you are wrong about it. ha.

not that i have had any huge mistakes, mind you, just that i have learned that more than 1/4 yard of each fabric is necessary, more like 3/ that acceptable? i hope so.

i guess i am more discouraged by everything else at the moment. well, not terribly. it's just that there are so many things on the pot right now, and i want them done. done! but alas, i need more fabric to finish my bohemian style baby quilt proto-type, i need muslin, which my local shop is currently out of, to finish those sweet simple curtains, and i haven't even started any sort of holiday gifts, which i totally need to get started, cause baby, christmas is coming.

i will never complain about christmas though. tis my favorite holiday. red and green and over the top and sparkly and scented and all lit up! that's the way i like it. i guess i better get crackin' then...

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