Monday, November 29, 2010

first of the season!

sunday i made my first holiday cookies of the season... a chocolate & mint sandwich cookie. i saw the recipe in the december issue of better homes and gardens... which, fyi, i also subscribed to today. 12 issues for 5.99! come on, you cannot beat that! so i used the recipe in an article about charity cookies, and voile! (no, not the fabric, the cookie!)

slightly different from the magazine of course, with the main difference being, i used a scalloped edge star shape cut out, made the icing green in color, and mine is just mint, not peppermint, but i wish to say, that is only because the third world, third rate pathmark by our house did not have peppermint extract. heathens!

i think they are pretty good actually, and i think i am happy with their design. (the cookie cutter is one that was my grandmother's... long story short, i do not have a ton of memories of her through my life, her living far away from me, but i do remember getting holiday cookies from her that were made with this cutter.)

i have made a big box for my darling to take to work tomorrow. you gotta move those cookies... and of course, christmas cookies mean christmas giving...woo hoo!

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