Saturday, November 20, 2010

oh anna...

can i just say, right now, here, that i love anna maria horner. like true love. i just read her most recent blog post, about the velveteen, and i am smitten. smitten i say. her work is so beautiful, and inspiring, and she is so helpful. i mean, come on, she has like 6 kids, and she sits and writes a wonderful expose on the beauty and intricacies of her new velveteen line of cotton fabrics, which, of course i will say, are amazing! and she creates perfectly wonderful patterns, and fabrics, and everything. (oh man, am i gushing?)

and i just wanted to say that. please, if you don't already worship her work, you will. how can you not? logical me knows that to say i want to be her is silly, i mean, i don't even know the poor woman, i know nothing about her real life, and i may come off slightly....odd. but you know what, i want to be her.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Kay, you are too sweet!

    Most days is good to be me :) but you know there are others....
    You've made some gorgeous quilts, and its not looking so bad to be YOU!

    xoxo, Anna Maria