Sunday, February 6, 2011

warmer days

today is kind of nice. mid 40's. of course, i am realistic. it is february, in philadelphia. i know it's not over. still... i can dream of sunshine and shorts, right? to curb my unhappiness with the valentine quilt, i have gone gardening...

with scraps of left over flowers i have replanted and started something new! yeah color! it's funny how much my emotions come into play when working on a new piece. i sat and stared at the valentine, thinking, why does this not come together? i love these colors, this design, what is wrong? slight perturbedness, i know. to ameliorate some of that bad thought i decided to just have a go at something else.

i am still on a serious log cabin fix. something about their clean lines and the way that each fabric pattern gets to envelope the whole piece, i just dig it. so now i am making a log cabin quilt, with 15 inch squares, but that is about as far as i can say. it sounds kind of pretentious/artsy, but i guess sometimes you just have to let the colors take you where they want to go. (wow, again with the hippie junk...)

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