Saturday, May 28, 2011

happy memorial day and all that junk! i have been very busy today, building my etsy store! yay! it's up, and you can go there, and you can buy stuff! ha-za! as of now my store name is actually ashkyt, which has been my online name since, well, online. they are changing etsy so that you will be able to change your shop name, blah, blah, blah, so i will do that when i can. i hope it's not confusing for anyone.

(pssst, there is this girl, and her name is not kayhart, but she uses it for stuff, and it's really annoying and i want her to stop. i mean, it's MY NAME!)

anyhoo... it's up, you should go there!

also, i now have all three of my patterns ready to go! i am so excited for this, since it has been so much work. actually, it has been torturous not sewing and just typing a lot more. but i survived, and i am excited!

there is the robin quilt, my first pattern, and will probably always be my favorite. it is an intermediate pattern but made easy with the use of only 1 1/2 inch strips of fabric! second is the london table runner and quilt which is very modern, using bricks of fabric to create a walled contemporary look. it can easily be increased to make a large throw quilt! finally there is the sparrow baby bib, which i adore. a great advanced beginner pattern, you can make tons of bibs with the enclosed template. all you need are some fat quarters and you are ready to go!

i hope that the long weekend is fun for all, sew and eat a hot dog!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i am so excited, the sparrow baby bib is ready to view. yay! yay! yay! it is probably the cutest little thing i have done, considering that cute is not what i am usually out to achieve. but man these are cute!

right now i have 10 completed, five for the boys, five for the girls. but i think that some of them are great for either. who says girls don't like blue, or boy's don't purple. craziness.

each bib is a strip pattern, with varying sizes and colors. the back of each piece is a single print, and they are all top stitched with a lovely coordinating color. but when it came to the closure i had to think, what to use? sure, you can make them tie, but i have a feeling that a baby would like to just pull on those little strings. next was metal, eh... wasn't loving that. then a student of mine, who happens to be a nanny said, "do velcro!". she said she always goes for the velcro bibs in the bucket, so i defer to the professional... velcro it is.

so easy to clean, toss in the washer, easy on and off, velcro, and easy to love. ahhhh.... oh! did i mention that i will be teaching this very project at spool? and this will be an available pattern in my shop. complete with template.

some days you just feel good! tah!

Monday, May 23, 2011

just thought you should see it

this is a painting by ross bleckner. it is beautiful. i wish i could sew with it. enjoy.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

another day another quilt

i have been very busy on baby bibs as of late. and i promised myself i would be able to show them off soon. but, they are not ready yet. i am planning a simple baby bib pattern that we will also teach at spool. but for now i do have another beautiful robin ready for viewing...

it's full of bright pinks and greens, with a cute pink plaid border.

when i started this palette i wasn't totally sold, but i think the end result is very cute. i also was able to use a new collection for the back, it's art gallery, daylight pond. actually, there is some art gallery on the front too, but i just loved the daylight pond pattern. they have a ton of awesome bold florals. i love floral prints because there is just so much you can do with them. like a garden, the look can change so easily and fluidly.

i think this is a very summer quilt. see, quilts aren't just for winter play!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

every day

sometimes you dream of sunshine, but you get pretty flowers and new table linens.
eh, not bad.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

time to wash up

so it's been raining for the last few days on and off, and on, and off, and apparently on and off for the rest of the week. on and off. bah. ride the bike? don't ride the bike? spring is messing with me. but, i am tough, i have less teeth now, and i need to buck up. and make baby cloths!

i have been making the cutest little wash cloths. simple. cute. very usable. they will be available in packs of two. made of cotton terry cloth and cotton fabric trim. perfect for little tubs of suds and babies. maybe the rain inspired me after all? go figure!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


holy guacamole!!!!! yay new anna maria!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is one of the palettes of anna maria horners new collection, loulouthi. i am so giddy about it i cannot even tell you. it gives me the same feeling that garden party did, but amped up!

i have probably said this before, and anyone who knows me is well aware, but i love anna maria. she is, without a doubt, the inspiration for my sewing. i bought her first book, seams to me, and it revolutionized my life. these fabrics are so beautiful. i cannot wait to show off all of the things i do with them. and i can tell you right now, a new big old fancy quilt for our own bed will come from these.

sigh... just thought you should know.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

days of may

so i haven't posted in a few days. blah. i do have a very legitimate excuse though. i now have less teeth. two less than i did last week. a hole in the head. etc. etc. i had to have two wisdom teeth removed, which was fine. it didn't even give me much pain. but the tiredness... so, so, tired. i could barely stand up long enough to make some soup, let alone sew, shoot, and blog. surgery was on wednesday morning and now, at saturday, i am finally feeling less tired. (though i did just cruise through an hour and a half nap.)

today it is kinda rainy, and i went on a mini philly date with my guy, aka, movie and a cheese steak. nice. after a snooze i am now stuck to my devices, back to working on anything i can. it's a lot. i feel like i have two full time jobs trying to get through work all day and then get this quilting business off the ground. i am even planning on starting fabric design, to start as a day a week event, as i have ideas and why not? right? right.

i thought i would show though what i did on tuesday, when i had more teeth...

i took the sweet ride out, (c'mon what bike would look cuter on a may day?!?) and did some shots of my london table runner for the pattern...

just need to grab some fun outdoor tableware and a big old glass of iced tea. yay!

does it make you wanna run outside and play, fun summer days, picnics, playtime. happy.

as i said before, it is available as a table runner or a quilt. you can even use the quilt as a tablecloth? check it, martha did it too, so you know it's good. ok, blog done, check, on to so many more things!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

saturday night alright

home. with dog. man out doing man things. saturday night. ahhh, the life of a quilter. a cool breed. very. very. cool.

eh, whatever. i have been working on my etsy launch for a while now, in between quilts, work, and everything else that makes up my life. i think i have my banner ready, but i'm not sure....

yes, no, maybe so? hey and why do all my pictures look like crap when i upload them on the blog? what the french, toast? am i missing something?

but yeah, it's a banner, i think i like it. i think my etsy store will be awesome. i think lots of things. i think i better get back to work, or twitter, or something...

Friday, May 6, 2011

i am a twit

i am on twitter. am i excited? i dunno. i always thought,"what do i care if so and so just ate a cupcake. lame." erm... maybe i do. it's hard to tell. frankly, i think i may be the queen of "hey, i just ate a cupcake." we will have to see...

so wanna follow me? anyone? i will feel ever so triumphant if i achieve a following of say... 50 people. that would be top of the line. maybe by 2013 that will happen.

maybe i'll go have a cupcake...

Monday, May 2, 2011

excited and sleepy

that's me, excited and sleepy. of course, you can be both. christmas as a little girl, very excited and sleepy, trying to stay up late. or before a big trip, excited to go, sleepy as i throw together the remains of what i need in my suitcase.

today, excited to show off some new quilts... sleepy cause, well, just cause! i didn't have to go to the day job this past weekend, but i still had a fun bunch of gals to teach how to make a baby quilt, and then there was the laundry, and vacuuming, and alfie-timing. then on sunday we went to ardmore to the clover market. it's a cute upscale antiques and fine fun stuff kind of place. i did get some fabulous mexican tiles... i will have to show them off... but not today, ha.

instead, i will show off some wren nest log cabin quilts... how's that...

variations on my to be third pattern, the wren, which is my take on a classic style, and i (kay)hart it!

the palettes are wide ranging... a traditionally bright red and white, a deep blue and accented orange field, and a shabby chic variation on pastels...

the pattern changes a bit each time... but to my glee, this will soon be a set in stone pattern that will be available for those out there who are in need of some log cabin love. as soon as it's sorted i will have a class at spool available, so excited...

i try to go round and round until i just can't anymore. one day i think i will make on huge bed quilt with this pattern... round and round to 80 inches or so. intense.

but for now i will continue for the babes...