Tuesday, June 28, 2011

100th post!

whoa, ok this is my 100th post. wild. too bad i have been wicked lazy lately and haven't really been posting anything at all. eh, it's summer, and i have been, well, i've been, bah! it's summer!

ok, i have been working on my loulouthi quilt, off and on...

but i am also working on my own neato secret project, operation picnic...

like the colors? it may have a bit of loulouthi thrown in. (i am obsessed!) sewing just hasn't been happening so much lately. maybe with june over july will be a month-du-sew. i did start a fun little class tonight, the wren quilt, which is a super cute log cabin project. (love those cabins...)
it's only a few students, but they are keen, and i love the look, so everyone is happy. hopefully it will catch... hey, did you know that there is a free tutorial, right here on this very blog, to make a fun and easy log cabin pillow?!?! yes! it's true! you should make one... and then send me a picture... and then do a little dance because you are so happy you made a super awesome pillow! yay!

sounds good to me... get sewing!

oh! i almost forgot... it's alfie's birthday! he's five! yay beagle!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

i'm so square

so i actually did some sewing today. weird, sewing practically every single day for a year, and then, eh, stopping. could it be lack of interest? no, i still read the blogs and swoon over designs. could it be work fatigue? maybe, but i have always worked and sewn. could it be way too much dr. who watching? slightly... i don't know. i just don't feel things lately. eh, whatevs.

loulouthi squares, with a dash of dots...

i did 7 today, while watching episodes of luther. (very good, by the way.) they are each 13 inches, with the intent of making a queen sized quilt, just for us. i do think they are beautiful. tah.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

it's just cool is all...

bright, vibrant, colorful, german...

a good thing, as ms. stewart would say... go check it out. (here.)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

it came! it came!

my loulouthi fabric came, i love you quilt home! yay!

i have acquired 6 yards and i am ready to roll! i plan to make a queen size quilt in a log cabin style. the basic plan will be, make 10 inch log cabin squares... yup, that's it. of course, i will be adding some other patterns in, which i need to sort out, but just look at the palette, isn't it gorgeous!

sigh... again... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Monday, June 13, 2011

early summer laziness

yeah, i know... i've been lazy. super lazy. like, been ordering take out, not walking the dog, and watching the tv like it was my job, i wonder if you could make it your job. nah, better not look into it. but yeah, i also haven't been sewing, hence, no blogging, which is bad. bad, bad ashley.

it's just been a rut i guess, and i think that every sewer/doer gets into them. you just have to try to get yourself out as quickly as you can. i am still working on it, but i have begun sewing... it started with this...

sure, it looks kinda cute right? nice ikat dress, from the book one yard wonders. yeah, well this puppy is no wonder... it's a dud. when i got to step 6 the whole thing fell apart... attach the elastic to the seam allowance, wha? the skirt is a large and fits but the bodice is for a G cup, wha?

now don't get me wrong, i love the book, i have done many projects from it, and it has sparked many great ideas for me, but when it came to this number, the summer dress... yeah, no. no back picture of the dress and a shabby understanding of how to finish it up. i blame no one but me... now. then, i hurled it on the table in a fit of rage pounding at my boyfriend, "do you understand what this means?!?" still, when i threw it down it did land all pretty and it gives the illusion of nice, so, eh, whatcha gonna do, better sew something else...

then came anna...

sweet, sweet anna maria horner, how she has saved me time and time again. loulouthi is out and i am nuts for it! i ordered a ton for a great new bed quilt, pour moi! MOI! i shall make a new log cabin-y bed quilt for us. i deserve to make something beautiful for me, it's been a while. (me rant over.)

so i went to class, to teach my lovely students to make a wonderful paper pieced string pillow, and i grabbed up some of my super fave jay mccarroll habitat branch pattern, and voile! (wow, lot of french today...)

flirting the issue skirt... free and easy pattern by anna maria... sigh. happiness.

a co-worker wants me to make her one now too! love it! right so, i made this wonderful skirt and then i saw the new free pattern from spool, the giant tote bag, you know i had to make one...

i made mine with some cute alexander henry i picked up at purl in soho back in march. it's a nice heavy weight, almost like canvas. perfect for a bag. perfect for me.

so... i'm kinda back. kinda...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

things i like

cute right? i was just perusing the internetal universe today and i found this, which is a pillow inspired by a v. cute pillow from west elm. it's from make it lovely, which is a great blog about the home, tutorials for sewing, crafts for little ones, and how to clean up! gotta love it. and to top it off, they used anna maria, sigh... check it out....

ok, so i first saw it on purlbee, whatevs, then i saw it at its home, the student/teacher. isn't it the most fabulous memory game that you have ever seen? and you can get a tutorial! yay! i just loved it, and i love her blog too. so cute and so educational. maybe having children isn't as terrifying as i imagined?

and then there is this...

it is an original piece of art by valerie roybal. she is pretty awesome, yeah? yeah. it's like neon fantastic trash that got lumped together, turned into a beautiful fabric, and then was cut up and put back together. whoa.

those are things i like.