Tuesday, June 28, 2011

100th post!

whoa, ok this is my 100th post. wild. too bad i have been wicked lazy lately and haven't really been posting anything at all. eh, it's summer, and i have been, well, i've been, bah! it's summer!

ok, i have been working on my loulouthi quilt, off and on...

but i am also working on my own neato secret project, operation picnic...

like the colors? it may have a bit of loulouthi thrown in. (i am obsessed!) sewing just hasn't been happening so much lately. maybe with june over july will be a month-du-sew. i did start a fun little class tonight, the wren quilt, which is a super cute log cabin project. (love those cabins...)
it's only a few students, but they are keen, and i love the look, so everyone is happy. hopefully it will catch... hey, did you know that there is a free tutorial, right here on this very blog, to make a fun and easy log cabin pillow?!?! yes! it's true! you should make one... and then send me a picture... and then do a little dance because you are so happy you made a super awesome pillow! yay!

sounds good to me... get sewing!

oh! i almost forgot... it's alfie's birthday! he's five! yay beagle!

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