Wednesday, June 1, 2011

things i like

cute right? i was just perusing the internetal universe today and i found this, which is a pillow inspired by a v. cute pillow from west elm. it's from make it lovely, which is a great blog about the home, tutorials for sewing, crafts for little ones, and how to clean up! gotta love it. and to top it off, they used anna maria, sigh... check it out....

ok, so i first saw it on purlbee, whatevs, then i saw it at its home, the student/teacher. isn't it the most fabulous memory game that you have ever seen? and you can get a tutorial! yay! i just loved it, and i love her blog too. so cute and so educational. maybe having children isn't as terrifying as i imagined?

and then there is this...

it is an original piece of art by valerie roybal. she is pretty awesome, yeah? yeah. it's like neon fantastic trash that got lumped together, turned into a beautiful fabric, and then was cut up and put back together. whoa.

those are things i like.

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