Thursday, July 1, 2010

dive in

man oh man oh man! here it is, finally, i have decided to make a post on this thing! frankly, it's a bit nerve wracking, i mean, hardly a dinky diary under the bed, but rather a book the size of the eiffel tower, or some other massive structure, for the world to see... or rather not see, as i also know the odds of many people even reading this to be, hmmm, minimal.

it basically pans out to this. i need to do something. i've spent a long time not doing much really, and through the doldrum of daily life, a viewing or two of Julie and Julia, and a first time quilting class at Spool, (to be gushed about again and again, don't you worry), i am here. a couple quilts under my belt, a no longer kitchen table, but sewing area, and a passion to, well do something!

and who do i thank for it all? my mumsie? nah, though she is the root of every artist endeavor i have ever had. my lovely edward who lets me spend a fair share of the loot on stacks of fabric and hours of banging on my oh so decrepit sewing machine? nah. instead, i thank the one, the only, anna maria horner! garden party inspired my life! (a bit over dramatic, me? never! perish the thought!) but it did, and now, with my first major project finished...The Quilt...I have oh so many plans for the future, sewing, and crafting, and hopefully blogging.


  1. Hmmmmm.Did you get the bike to match the quilt or the other way around? It looks very nice :-) signed Mumsie

  2. Your quilt is beautiful! So glad to meet you today. Hope you will be coming back to sew in the craft room. I will find that software. It is called EQ4 (I am sure there are newer versions by now but it will have plenty for you to get started). I know you will love it because it lets you design the entire quilt. You will just have to use Eddie's computer. I love my MAC but not all software companies do. Just let Steve know when you are available. Tammy

  3. three words! you are fabulous! so happy for you!

  4. WOW!!! for your 1st proper completed project I'm pretty impressed you are certainly aiming high...hope to see more crazy endeavous to come!!! check out my blog you I am just starting out on this patchwork road, wondering where it will take me!!!