Wednesday, July 28, 2010

happy birthday!

happy birthday to me! it may very well be my last birthday, as i am now 29. ok, maybe a bit dramatic, and not true, but i find it, well, i dunno how i find it. i know that anyone older than me reading this will sigh and shrug and think i'm silly, but in a way, i feel like my life is finished, while i know that my life is just beginning. (being swiped by a bus not withstanding.)

today i am not doing anything terribly exciting. no big parties, no fanfare. right now it's the middle of the afternoon, and i have done some sewing, some packing, going to Maine tomorrow night! yah!, and i baked a cake.

i don't mind baking my own birthday cake. as you can see, it's simple. just a vanilla cake with vanilla icing. of course, summer birthdays are, well summery, so i make the icing yellow. i always color my icing, personal motto. (psssst....lindsay, see, we knew you could color buttercream! hehe)

tonight i go out for dinner with my gentleman, then i come home, watch some tv, and go to work tomorrow.

so what did i learn today? licking icing off a spatula is always good, no matter your age. i think that's enough.

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  1. i knew it!!!! hope maine is mainly magnificent!