Thursday, March 10, 2011

just give me some color huh?

rain. rain. more rain. wind. rain. bah. at least it's warmer. that's what you have to tell yourself on days like today. but what a good day to dream about color! a couple of days ago i started on my second installment of my london quilt. solids, inspired by Cherri House's City Quilts, in a fun, involved, yet easy to maneuver, brick design. (i hope.)

so i thought of the first london palette as the thames version. blues... grays... rivery. (is that a word? probably not.) the second i thought of as sunset. ok... there you are, looking out, past tower bridge in the evening. it's a warm summer night in london, you have a pint in hand and the world is good...

you dig? so i chose a color palette that works accordingly...

nice eh? these are all kona solids, which, as anyone who has seen their selection, is vast. heck, spool has like fifty of the suckers. (* not an official count, but i like dramatice.) so it was difficult to choose, yet oh so easy to love. i should have it completed soon. being that it's a 72 inch throw, it takes some time. (all those little bricks!) but i love it and can't wait to show it off.

now, speaking of color, you know who loves color? martha, that's who. and guess who is totally seeing martha tomorrow, vive? moi! i, and my pal laura, are going to a live taping of martha stewart tomorrow! v.v. excited. and that's a good thing. (hehehe)

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