Saturday, March 26, 2011

other things i do

so i haven't done a ton of sewing this week. ok, well, i suppose that's relative. i mean, one girls no sew is another girls, whoa, that's a lotta sewing. but i have been working on many things. one of those is my little embroidery. little only in the fact that i am a novice, because, baby, this is one big project.

i bought a cute iron transfer of a large peacock, 18 inches. i put it on a piece of medium/heavy weight duck and have been embroidering ever since. it's a very basic embroidery, made up of chain stitches, back stitches, and satin stitches. but it's a peacock, that is a lot of feathers...

so i am kinda winging it on the colors as i go. i find the whole thing very comforting, and i get that sort of victorian lady sitting by the fire vibe when i work on it. (even though i am really in the living room watching episodes of dateline.) i can't imagine how long it will take in the end, but i can tell you one thing, this pillow ain't goin' on the couch... a nice high shelf, safe from puppies for you my dear. in 2014.

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