Sunday, March 6, 2011

where have i been?

yeah, where have i been? around, i suppose... back, back, back we go, and it's the beginning of february, it's cold cold cold and i haven't posted in a week. man, i am a bummer. alfie had to post just to make sure that this thing stayed afloat. i was a tad bit lazy i suppose, but whatcha gonna do. maybe a bit of winter downs.

then, well, someone very important to me, like all time top people in my universe important, well, they got a disease that rhymes with dancer. yeah. that sucks. sucks. i can think of other words, but sucks will have to do, cause when i think of some of the other words...

so what do you do? you wait and see how it turns out i guess. that was two weeks ago, and now they have had the dancer removed and are sitting at home with people who love them. and then they say, why did this happen to me? and what the frig are you supposed to say? you don't know. well that doesn't help, but at least your honest. and you want to cry. best not to. not in front of them anyway, cause you know that they will be fine. very treatable, very healthy, very young. don't know yet if that last one is a good thing or not. but soon you know that they will be back to their annoyingly dry humored self again. and that is a good thing.

so i stayed here... at home. away from it all happening hundreds of miles away. and this is what i did...

i bought some curtains from west elm that were on sale. i trimmed and hemmed them to fit our ridiculously long window, then took the remnants and made new pillows for the couch.

then i repainted some of our mismatched wood furniture a sunshine yellow. it's called lemon twist from sherwin williams.

i covered the old lamp shade with patchwork using the paper piece technique that i use for my string pillow that i teach at spool...

and to finish it off, i made some cozy cubes, from anna maria's first book, seams to me. good for stashing junk that you don't have a home for, but need close at hand.

and yesterday, after teaching a lovely class of very happy ladies how to make simple, beautiful, baby quilts, i bought a new stash and got to work on the next drake quilt... jay mccarroll and gingham? i made it work. 

just need to sew the back of the binding and it's done. so, yes, i have been busy. and things have sucked. but like the man says, keep calm and carry on. that's what i'm doing. i think.

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