Saturday, May 14, 2011

days of may

so i haven't posted in a few days. blah. i do have a very legitimate excuse though. i now have less teeth. two less than i did last week. a hole in the head. etc. etc. i had to have two wisdom teeth removed, which was fine. it didn't even give me much pain. but the tiredness... so, so, tired. i could barely stand up long enough to make some soup, let alone sew, shoot, and blog. surgery was on wednesday morning and now, at saturday, i am finally feeling less tired. (though i did just cruise through an hour and a half nap.)

today it is kinda rainy, and i went on a mini philly date with my guy, aka, movie and a cheese steak. nice. after a snooze i am now stuck to my devices, back to working on anything i can. it's a lot. i feel like i have two full time jobs trying to get through work all day and then get this quilting business off the ground. i am even planning on starting fabric design, to start as a day a week event, as i have ideas and why not? right? right.

i thought i would show though what i did on tuesday, when i had more teeth...

i took the sweet ride out, (c'mon what bike would look cuter on a may day?!?) and did some shots of my london table runner for the pattern...

just need to grab some fun outdoor tableware and a big old glass of iced tea. yay!

does it make you wanna run outside and play, fun summer days, picnics, playtime. happy.

as i said before, it is available as a table runner or a quilt. you can even use the quilt as a tablecloth? check it, martha did it too, so you know it's good. ok, blog done, check, on to so many more things!!!

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