Friday, May 6, 2011

i am a twit

i am on twitter. am i excited? i dunno. i always thought,"what do i care if so and so just ate a cupcake. lame." erm... maybe i do. it's hard to tell. frankly, i think i may be the queen of "hey, i just ate a cupcake." we will have to see...

so wanna follow me? anyone? i will feel ever so triumphant if i achieve a following of say... 50 people. that would be top of the line. maybe by 2013 that will happen.

maybe i'll go have a cupcake...


  1. I'm on twitter too, I'm just starting to get the hang of it myself. I'm @Lilacbarries. Happy tweeting!

  2. Saw your blog pst on quiltersblog - welcome to Twitter! I'm following you (@scrapcat). Looking forward to the cupcake reveal (Is it chocolate? Cherry chip?) LOL!

  3. Hey Ashley,
    It's Beth from your Feb Intro to Quilting class. I just officially launched my blog a few weeks ago, and I'm trying to expand my readership (I guess if I want people to read, I have to start telling people about it - ha!) So, you can find me at

    It's primarily a baby blog at this point, but we'll see what it morphs into. I also signed up for a Twitter account a few weeks ago as way to make more connections and get more traffic to my blog. I'm following you, and you can find me @nextlifechapter

    Happy tweeting!