Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i am so excited, the sparrow baby bib is ready to view. yay! yay! yay! it is probably the cutest little thing i have done, considering that cute is not what i am usually out to achieve. but man these are cute!

right now i have 10 completed, five for the boys, five for the girls. but i think that some of them are great for either. who says girls don't like blue, or boy's don't purple. craziness.

each bib is a strip pattern, with varying sizes and colors. the back of each piece is a single print, and they are all top stitched with a lovely coordinating color. but when it came to the closure i had to think, what to use? sure, you can make them tie, but i have a feeling that a baby would like to just pull on those little strings. next was metal, eh... wasn't loving that. then a student of mine, who happens to be a nanny said, "do velcro!". she said she always goes for the velcro bibs in the bucket, so i defer to the professional... velcro it is.

so easy to clean, toss in the washer, easy on and off, velcro, and easy to love. ahhhh.... oh! did i mention that i will be teaching this very project at spool? and this will be an available pattern in my shop. complete with template.

some days you just feel good! tah!

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