Sunday, July 3, 2011

back and fourth

ah, fourth of july. red, white, and blue, very, french? nay! nay! i say! tis our very own holiday, ever so american. i mean, come on, how many other countries celebrate their deliverance from oppression by grilling hot dogs and setting off little firecrackers in their backyards? none! and that is why it is so great! now, don't get me wrong, i am not making light of our struggle to freedom, etc, i just think that as americans that's what we do, we say, "eh, this is how we do it." and that's pretty sweet.

so check out the red, white, and blue version of my very own london pattern, made by the lovely olga at spool. isn't is so very. of course, through the process of her following my pattern, we, and by we, i mean she, found some discrepancies in the pattern. whah, whah. bummer. but like any good american, (see, i'm tying something in here...) i had to dust myself off, and fix the problem! so now the pattern has been revamped a teensy weensy bit, and it is all the better for it. no pattern oppression in the great state of kayhart. no, no!

so now anyone who wishes, as this is the way of america, can pick up my pattern and make their own london table runner and quilt! free of persecution of the color of their fabric, sewing equally in one nation under god, etc. etc.

happy 4th!!!

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