Thursday, August 18, 2011

simply put... nice.

so i have baby quilt class this saturday, nice. it's such a fun class, simple and yet, well the results always amaze. don't you just love that, say when you go into something new and think, "erm, um, ok, i hope i don't screw this up." and then you come out at the other and end and whamo, it was waaaaay less complicated than you made it out to be? that, simply put, is baby blanket...

two super cute prints snuggled together, bound in happiness and ready for baby sunshine. you got it!

sticking with that theme of super easy happiness, i just found the coolest new book...

yeah, that's right, sewing in straight lines only to achieve sewing awesomeness! there is a great one hour skirt in here that reminds me of the anna maria flirting the issue skirt. i am always saying in that class, and many others, that i am a fan of the easy sewing line, and that by just tweaking some other little notions you can sew straight and twist people's minds at the same time with your wonder skills!

i cannot wait to get this book, just check out the super cute skirt on the cover, hmmm, a bit of winter wool perhaps. (shush your mouth!)

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