Monday, August 29, 2011

ok, lame, i haven't been posting about sewing... sorry. i have been sewing though, just not in the normal way. commission work means i have to follow a plan... and get it done. (still working on super secret project though too, just so's you's know's...)

(secret project swatch!)

 i will be finishing my project tomorrow, so i will be straight back into serious quilt mode... teaching new classes in a week or so. yay! and i have the super secret project... plus i am going to be making a quilt for my new niece... emily doesn't know what's gonna hit her. (super cute pink cuddly-ness i'm sure.) i'm not sure what i'm going to do for it, but i know it will include some sarah jane... i love this!!!

woo hoo and woo hoo sarah jane studios! if i ever were to have a daughter her room would be decked out in sarah jane prints... and now quilts! (is it ok to not want the baby, and just the baby room? eh... i'll have to ponder that one.)


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