Thursday, August 11, 2011

i know, i'm terrible.

i haven't posted in, what, two weeks? bah. i know in blog time that is like, fifteen years... bummer. it's just been a bit strange lately... ok, not like eerie music strange, but like, man it's hot outside, and i turned 30 (gasp!), and i have been working on things that i cannot show yet...

i have been busy with a project for a lovely lady in need of new curtains and pillows... so fun when you know that your work is going to be part of an amazing transformation of a beautiful house! (ok, so it's not like i put in the drywall or anything, but pillows really go add an element of romance to a space, so there!)

i also am working on some super hush hush work, that i just cannot divulge at this time... you know how it is... i am back though, so help me, i'm back...

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