Monday, August 2, 2010

maine, maine, gone away

i have returned from my little trip to maine. see the family, enjoy the cool air, eat way too much....

now that i have settled back in, tidied up the house, made the iced tea, (god help us if there is no iced tea in this house!) i am back to my old life again.

like most people's vacations, they are always too short with not enough time to see and do everything you want to do, and certainly not enough time to relax! i was no exception. for my short 3 and a 1/2 day trip i was able to do some antiquing with mom, watch some tv with dad, and hike with my baby brother...

, ha! i'm 12 years older than him, but while forced into our yearly photo session, with mom at the ready, she said, "put your arm around your little sister"! yes, somehow i have become little sister, as i am a meager 5'8" while he is closing in on 6'4"! little indeed!

we did some hiking in york, at mt. agamenticus. southern maine's own little mountain.

they have some great hiking trails there, and each time we go there is a new discovery...

like the old machinations of a ski lift dating back to the 60's from a failed ski resort. (for those who don't know southern maine, it's far too coastal for the kinds of snow you see up north on the resorts. the lodge only lasted a few years).

and sometimes you just see the way the light hits a branch, and it's, well, lovely.

back to reality, and much sewing!

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