Saturday, April 2, 2011

flirting with anna

have you seen the super cute free anna maria horner skirt pattern, flirting the issue? did i mention super cute?  i did? well, who cares, it's super cute!

a while back, i added some great lawn aqua gingham to my collection, like 2 or 3 yards. i know i wanted to make something to wear out of it, but i never got around to it. when i saw this skirt, it was perfect. flirty, bright, and fun.

so it's kinda like martha stewart meets anna maria. sigh. alfie likes it too, can't get the boy out of my hair for more than a second...

it's so very simple, basically two rectangles sewn together, and then a set of sewn channels to include elastic cording. isn't anna smart?!?

by the way, edward took these pictures, he just wants the world to know.

back to quilts!

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