Tuesday, July 26, 2011

hot days and bright colors

man it's hot, like every day it's hot. hot. hot! but, eh, i'm not really complaining, i mean, it's summer, duh! you know the best part of summer? it's the bright hues that make it up, i mean, think about it, vibrant red skies at night, sailors delight, as they say... bright grass, green after a summer storm, wonderful. looking out in my mother's yard i saw pretty flowers all around, (though i think she sees failure, i think they are super cool!)

doesn't that say sunshine?!?

as you may know, there is nothing better than fuchsia!!!
i have really been getting into philip jacob's prints lately, particularly the flowers...

 kinda like laura ashley on acid at times, which is totally a good thing!

(sometimes you just have to look at the light...)

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