Saturday, October 1, 2011


finally... lazy bones kayhart has finished and presented her latest quilt to it's happy (i hope) new owner... check it!

it's a take on an amish bar quilt... three 2 inch bars make each panel. the middle panel is a group of vertical and horizontal bars, ended with a set of horizontals, and the again by a set of verticals.

i didn't really have any particular idea in mind when i started, i just loved the habitat purple, anna maria starburst and art gallery floral as a grouping... that's how i roll... ha. then i thought to myself, oh lindsay, what do you love? and the answer... jewel tones, suddenly i had a palette surrounded by a deep jade.

for the back i wanted to cut back a bit... though i love the more is more aesthetic, i wasn't sure she would love it, so i thought back to my number one rule of quilting... anna maria horner always works, and if not, well, we don't need to speak to each other... so i did a new loulouthi print. (fyi: lindsay loves!)

so it all came out great! it's been delivered to it's new happy home, newly built to house my favorite suburban family! (shhh... but i totally only did it so i would get invited back!)

i think that'll happen now!

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  1. LOVE IT!!!!! Already used it like a million times! I came just in time for the chilly weather! And yes, jewel tones are my weakness...only thing better is actual jewels! Muah ha ha!!

    You are truly the best! I am so so grateful! xoxo