Wednesday, October 5, 2011

bow ties are cool.

so last week my gentleman needed to have a bow tie. asap. me? i wasn't worried, friday night i whipped one up for saturday morning, super cute and super suave at the same time, cause bow ties are cool. (a very wise doctor said that once.) i had him pick out some fabric from my ever growing stacks and voila!

like i said, it's super cute week, and is that not super cute! (and cool, don't forget cool.) it's with a bit of jennifer paganelli, which you can never go wrong on, and it snaps shut with a bit of velcro on the ends. (so perfect for the man in your life who can't actually tie a bow tie.)


it's simple construction, basically a bunch of rectangles, some interfacing and velcro. ok, ok, so the original pattern that i used was borrowed, from a one for small boys, but my big boy is a small boy at heart, who loves a good bow tie! you can check out the great post at living the swell life. it's simple and you only need to change the width of the band to create one for your man, or little one, you know, whichevs.

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