Sunday, October 2, 2011

quilt club day!

today is quilt club at spool... 1:30. be there.

what cute quilts have been made at spool, oh so many, just look! (up, silly.) quilt club is gonna be, well i dunno what quilt club is gonna be, but i do know there will be some quilting, sewing, gabbing, and helping as we discuss the many exhilarating aspects of quilting. (yes, i said exhilarating!)

and it's also there if you just need some help with something, like, say mitering a corner is more like making a croque monsieur than making a simple good old fashion grilled cheese, well, crack out the american slices, cuz it's cookin' time!

and of course you know i always love to talk about colors, cottons, and creativity! yay! sew! so totally stop by will ya... (ps, go to in case you don't know how to get there!)

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