Sunday, September 26, 2010

colorful sunday

well, not colorful outside. it's rather dreary, though i'm not complaining. it hasn't actually rained much lately, and since we just had a freakish heat wave of, like, 90 plus, today is 70 and rainy. eh, take what you can get. but it's still a colorful day, because i started a new quilt! remember those strips...they are slowly becoming squares...

i am in love with this started with a love, as i am sure many have, of gingham. i mean, come on, who doesn't love its perfectly square shades, going on forever in perfect harmony? yeah. so... gingham lead to stripes, which was leading to quite the red quilt, but then i saw this wonderful little bird pattern, v. v. country fun, which made it easy to add the blue/green damask style, and the wonderfully simple black and white pattern, and what you get is this....

great, right? i am in love with it right now, as i am in love with every palette that i do at the time. i haven't even thought about the back yet, which i always like to have fun with, so it's gonna be a great early fall quilt! yeah!

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