Monday, September 13, 2010

cut twice, measure once.

cut twice, measure once, right? that has to be right. oh wait, that is absolutely totally wrong! like me! bah! as you may know, one of my many projects in the basket right now is my ruffle quilt... i finally got a chance to grab some more of the fabric for the actual pleats, which, of course, i underestimated... surprise.

so i take it home...wash it up...start to cut 3" strips...WAIT! 3" strips, you fool! it's supposed to be 4" strips, which i friggin' wrote on the sheet for the quilt pattern, which i didn't follow, cause i'm an idiot. awesome.

so now i have to trot down to spool, get some more, wash that, press that, and cut 4" strips with that. seriously, this thing is never going to be done! nevermind the fact that it will revolutionize baby quilts as we know it. you'll see....

for now, look at this pretty picture of a lovely kitchen i realize it's actually a miniature, that my mom built! tah!

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