Thursday, September 23, 2010

the future is now!

i just bought a new machine! yeah! happy! yeah!, did i mention i'm happy!!! last night i had my first class at Spool, and as they were all picking their fabrics, cutting, and sewing perfect little strips, i was dying inside. ok, well, not dying exactly, but v.v. fluttery about getting a new machine. so today, on my day off, i have sat at this computer doing the final debating about what to get...and as shocked as i am, it's not a singer, but a janome...

it's the DC2010, and it's kinda greeny/blue. nice eh? you know that the color was the final deal breaker, but from what i read, janome is the man, man. i just keep reading more and more reviews where people are unhappy with their singers. i had a singer, my mom has singers, i teach (hehe, i teach...) on singers, but i am gonna cry if i have to deal with the same problems i dealt with all year in the dying phase of my singer refurbish. this new janome sounds like a work horse, a work horse with 50 sweet stitches!

so we will see. it's only coming from jersey, so hopefully i will be sewing early in the week! now i just need to do a bunch of cutting, gotta be prepared! yeah!

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