Friday, September 24, 2010

a fresh start...

so last night after i bought my new machine online at mr. vac at mrs. sew, which are super awesome by the way, (i will get back to that)... i decided to start cutting for a new quilt!

a while back i was at joanns with momski. if you have ever been there, you know there is a wall of cotton fabrics, a sea patterns and colors. you may also know that there is some, well, let's say, some are more economical prints. so as i was weeding down the row, i started to pull, and low, i created a quilt as i went! i was told it had a 50's country kitchen vibe, so what better than to make a log cabin quilt! i am using one of kaffe's patterns as a starting point, from his super awe inspiring book, quilts in the sun...

it's a great inspiriational book, i hope to make a book like this one day, maybe, i think, who knows. at any rate, i did a bunch of cutting, because, i told you i would tell you why good old mr. vac and mrs. sew rule, cause my machine already came!!! i ordered it yesterday afternoon, and bam! in my home the next night. (thank you, new jersey!)

i have already sewn two squares, so we are off and running. i also was able to finish the back cloth for my english garden quilt, ready to baste, quilt, and finish the fool!

i feel so efficient, and whisper quiet. (janome, so far, you rule!)

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