Saturday, November 6, 2010

daylight savings

tonight's the night. change those clocks back. in one way i am way happy about it cause frankly, i cannot deal with this whole getting up in the dark thing. it depresses me. guess that's why my stint working at a bakery was not my happiest time in life, working from 7-3? blech.

of course, the bummer is too that now it will be dark really early. i have to ride my bike home from work in the dark chill. in the fall, through christmas, i don't really mind the early nights. it's kinda novel again, like the idea of snow. it's time of year you can make pies, and roast chicken, and snuggle up under super awesome new quilts you made, drinking cocoa, watching modern family and think the world is ok.

ask me again in january.

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