Saturday, November 13, 2010

quilts and sunshine

ahhh. it's 65 degrees outside today, the sun is shining, the trees are beautiful, truly a perfect fall day.

took alfie to the small park, his new found love of sniffing the leaves makes you feel good. i love to hear his little paws trample through the dry foliage, and i think he does too.

of course, now i have learned, taking said beagle along with a bagful of quilt that you want to shoot in the fall sun, not so much fun. he couldn't stop for more than a second before a new whiff of excitement hit. so to my chagrin, i finished the excursion, them came home, grabbed my bike, and headed out on my own...

not so bad though, riding my amsterdam cruiser down crisp lanes, erm, or something like that. (it's the city, you take what you can get in the way of nature.) but what's important, is that i have a new quilt! yeah!

it's not so much a quilt, as maybe more of a play mat. measuring in at 32x36. i finally dove in and used some of my jennifer paganelli dance with me. not for lack of love, perhaps more for intense love of never wanting my 2 yards to go away! it was one of my first purchases when i dove in to quilting, and i love it more than life itself. but one must move on, and since i only used, say, 3/4 of a yard, there is plenty left! yeah!

the playmat/quilt/whathaveyou, is a version of a log cabin quilt, one cabin in the middle, two porticos on the sides, and some steps playing up the corners...heheh. i kind of winged it, knowing only that i wanted to do another log cabin, having so much fun with my fifties kitchen quilt, but i didn't want to do the same thing twice. (you live once! move on!)

but i think it came out really swell. so swell in fact, that i swear upon the quilting gods themselves, that i am going to make a pattern for this mo-fo! pdf fancy pants. of course, i have no clue how long that is going to take me, but i'm gonna do it. (i mean it, laura!)

back to the sunshine! yeah!

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  1. This is sooooo pretty it makes me want to have a daughhter like, RIGHT NOW. I...must...look...away! xoxo