Saturday, December 11, 2010

merry merry

ho ho ho and all that crap. put up our itsy bitsy tree today. towering in at a huge 3 feet, she is up and running, (even though 1/2 her pre-attached lights burned out and i had to go to the home depot and grab a new strand to finish her off.)

i am fine with having a small tree. so be it. we have a small apartment, what more can be expected. i am also pretty sure that my edward doesn't really care much if we even have a tree. but come on, if one even sees one of my quilts, they know i am a shiny bright twinkly christmas light kind of girl!

i have been busy all day... ran to the super-marche, the depot, as mentioned, came home, cleaned the house, started the laundry, i got a stew simmering in the kitchen for dinner...whew. it's after five, and i haven't sewn a stitch! nor did i yesterday. (wait, does sewing buttons on your boss' coat count? it was christmas charity, the poor man lost all his buttons, what could i do!)

i guess i better get going then... plus i have some cookies to make! i did make a great pillow this week though, more to come on that soon! ho ho ho!

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