Sunday, December 5, 2010

to teach is to learn

so.....ahhhh. yeah. still tired. christmas, love, work, eh, not so much. but not all work. i did manage to finish all piecing and quilting of my second installment of my to be pattern. in fact, after i post this, do a bit o-flickring, and grab some iced tea, i will bind it up while watching some tele-vision. nice. of course, i have no pictures to speak of at this moment, but blame that on lack of proper lighting, not my sewing abilities.

what i do have to show though is me! yes, yes, drum roll. super excitement... i can feel it in the air. (blah, blah, blah...)

there i am in all my teaching glory. but i have to tell you, and i think laura, the gracious, lovely sewing owner of spool, has said it best about my pictures... "One is blurry, but I thought it fitting since you are always in motion! I mean that in the best possible way!" how true... and i do take it as a compliment. when i am showing someone how to sew it's pretty awesome, and i can get, oh... how do i put this... i think, in a tizzy would be accurate. in general, i can be known to get a bit babbley and fast paced. it's in my nature, what can i say, i'm a leo.

but how can you not? i joke in class about how i turn all hippy dippy, talking about going with the flow, loving your colors, and being one with the fabric. cheese, yes, i know, but i think of quilting like painting. sure, the fabrics may not be your own designs, but what you can create with another's work can be pretty extraordinary. all just by playing with proportion, contrasts and colors. i love how everyone is making the same quilt, and yet they are so completely different.

i love all the colors and patterns, and the whir of the machines, and the sighs when they find out they will have to hand sew their binding! it's wonderful. (don't worry though, i know one day someone will appreciate the hand sewing of binding as much as i do.)

and so yeah, its totally awesome. see what i have learned. teaching rules.

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