Thursday, December 2, 2010

no picture

that's right. no picture today. i was going to do a post, and then i thought, self, you don't really have a picture to put up. i mean, you haven't really done anything, but you have to put up a picture. you just have to. eh. (shrug.)

i felt compelled to put something up, as the most amazing thing ever has happened to moi. yes... ANNA MARIA HORNER TOTALLY COMMENTED ON MY BLOG! WHOOOOOOOOOOO! CAPITAL LETTERS!!!!!!!

the best christmas present ever! everyone i know knows... like my gentleman, mother, co-workers, students... i blabbed it out to everyone. so there! sweetness...

however... that excitement can only take a girl so far... i am beat. see, i work in retail, as the illustrious and over worked holiday elf at a beautiful tableware boutique.  do i dress like an elf? nah. do i toil and run around like a mad-capped crazy trying to make everyone's holiday gifts happen happily. yes'um. so tired. so very tired. i sewed for like, 45 minutes, now i feel like passing out.

so to recap...

no picture today.
anna maria totally saw my quilts.
be kinder to retail folk this holiday season.
and sew.

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