Friday, January 7, 2011

friday alright

got a lot done today, yet... i feel like there is so much more to do. i didn't sew for like, 2 weeks practically. christmas, new year, filthy house, time away from man and dog. i didn't feel like i could fit in it. then on tuesday i had my first class of the year, new group of beginning quilting, and bam! i'm back!

i would actually be finishing my third version of the baby quilt right now, but i am a tad short on the binding, but no worries, i will grab it first thing in the morning and by tomorrow evening this baby will be done. baby, get it? baby. ha.

i also managed to scour the house, do a bit of painting, wall type, not the fun canvas type, and i cooked dinner, watched martha, and laundered. the other night i also managed to get a curtain done...

i say curtain, single, because when i was at spool the other day and i was asked, "how much muslin do you need?" i wasn't thinking correctly and said one yard, not one and half. doh. so i have one curtain with my one yard. again, that will be done by the end of the weekend. no foolin....

i am totally digging the way they came out though. very basic lined curtain with 4 inch patchwork in anna, of course, and a few other lovely additions, but i am in love with the way the light still comes through. our bedroom is the only room in the house that is actually bright, and i didn't want to take away from it. on the bottom tier of the windowpane i have that frost paper up because i don't want to cover the whole thing in darkness. (just wanna keep the creepy people behind us from seeing in, always smoking on his back porch he is, eck.)

so now i have privacy and pretty sunshine! woo! so, now it's kinda late, and i need to tidy up the kitchen before bed... class in the morning. so much to do!

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