Wednesday, January 19, 2011

boy oh boy

have i been a slacker or what? still, i haven't posted in forever, which is terrible. it's not for lack of posting, but rather for lack of light. the deep dark dungeon that is our home lends nothing to photography. so much so that i actually think i am going to buy a professional light to help out. blech. but a girls gotta do...

so... announcing....drake!

i have decided to name my first pattern the drake quilt. here he is with all his boyish charms...

now why drake you say? well, i've been thinkin... (oh no!) i have been doing variations on this log cabin style quilt for a while now...bohemian style, nice and sunny, and i thought, you know, i gotta name this fella before it's too late. and i must say, man, naming things can be hard. just ask the parents of aloysius macgilicutty greenbaum. it's tough. i wanted to stick with a theme, and just in case one didn't know, i love all things elizabethan. (pssst, you know, the golden age of england, tudor history, bah! go rent the movie with cate blanchett.) anyhoo, this quilt is a lot of round and round, so why not drake, like sir francis, circumnavigator and all around traveler. sounds good to me.

trust me, it all makes sense. and if it doesn't, eh, it's still a great pattern. i should have the hard copy done soon! etsy, i'm comin for you.

so pardon me, i have some quilting to do, the london quilt. (see, get it now?) it's an homage to city structure, modern style, and cathy. ciao!

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  1. I love this variation on the Log Cabin theme! It kind of makes me a little dizzy almost. It'll be great when we can have your patterns all for our very own!

    PS. I did my homework :-)