Thursday, January 27, 2011

snow day

last night my darling wasn't feeling so well. so as he did not sleep through the night, i did not sleep through the night. neither did the snow. i was woken up to a phone call from work telling me to not bother coming in as we got 15 inches over night...

doesn't the backyard look beautiful? ahhhh, urban living. alfie doesn't seem to mind, he keeps asking to go out back and investigate...

you just can't stop that beagle nose...

or those beagle paw prints throughout the house! bah. well, it's snowy, whatcha gonna do... oh wait, i know, quilt!

ever have those fabrics that you need to use, like, right now? yeah... so why not make some great wonky diamonds. i call them wonky as they aren't exactly diamonds, are they? similar. i tried a new piecing technique to make 2 triangle squares. instead of cutting out mountains of triangles, then sewing them together, (like i did, may i say, with the oh! oh! geometrico quilt), you cut out strips, sew 'em together, then use a square to cut them out. did it make oh so perfect triangle/squares? yes'um. was it a huge waster of fabric? yes'um.

this quilt is 36x36 and i used almost 3 yards to make it. massive waste. now i have all these dinky weird cuts of triangles. still, i am happy with the end results. on final evaluation, i would still recommend the technique for a beginner. it can help one with truing, cutting, edging, all that good stuff. maybe i will do a tutorial. hmmm... lemme think a bit.

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