Saturday, January 22, 2011

it's aaah-rt

hey, check out my new painting...

isn't it neato? i didn't actually do it, but i bought it, which is like, you know, totally close. all i know about it is that it was done by someone named mRock in '66. i think. who knows, who cares, it's a deer! yeah! the colors are super vibrant and it's great. (sigh.)

i got it on my last trip to maine, at the arundel antique market, which is a bunch of neat stuff, and a bunch of junk. my painting had a horrible frame that i just ripped off and left at ma mom's. i need to go to ac moore and have it framed. it is going to go above our bed, between 2 great yellow wall sconces i got on etsy. (i really should get this stuff sorted out...)

funny how our living room is modern chic, well, i'm trying for modern chic, and our bedroom is an homage to all things patchwork, bright, and busy. isn't it nice having options in life...

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