Tuesday, January 25, 2011

handmade olympics

so after reading dear sweet anna maria's posts, (man i was a couple days behind, can you believe it?!?), i saw that rikrak studio is having it's annual handmade olympics. there are eight events, and i have nominated myself, (ego-what?), for event number eight: our favorite blog with a handmaking focus. i mean, i have a blog, i make handmade, i am a favorite, well, at least my mom's favorite quilting/design/crazy persons blog. (i've won already, i know, i know), so why not give it a whirl... (oh, and anna maria horner is the judge for this event, which, i mean, man oh man, it's like having marc jacobs judge your best outfit: you hope for the best, but you say, who cares, he noticed me! same kinda thing...

right, so, what was i saying? oh yeah, olympics, event 8, me, lack of confidence, nah. i mean yeah, i mean, oh whatever! but you know, just in case someone in the universe was thinking, "so what have you done anyway, kayhart? who are you?" here are some samples du art...

ok, well, thanks!

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